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Mr. Neil Thomas, EA

Enrolled Agent

Neil Thomas, EA is a senior consultant and has a BA in accounting.  Neil has been an Enrolled Agent. Enrolled Agents are federally authorized tax practitioners who have technical expertise in the field of taxation and who are empowered by the U.S. Department of Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the IRS for audits, collections, and appeals.   In Neil's tax background, he worked with the IRS Dallas Division in 1984 when he first moved to the Dallas area after graduating Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Neil is a member of the DFW Area Chapter of Texas Society of Enrolled Agents (TxSEA) since 2003.  He has served on the executive council in various roles such as Pres(2007-2009), VP(2008-2006), and Treas(2004-2005).  DFW Area Chapter TxSEA is one of five regional area tax groups in Texas. 

Neil is also in the military for the US Army Reserves. He has been with the US Army since 1977 and will enter into his 35th year in May 2012.  He has been on two military deployments; once in 2006-2007 for Iraqi Freedom campaign and again in 2009-10 to Afghanistan campaigns.  Neil takes pride in his military service. 

Mrs. Lisa Thomas, Tax Preparer
Tax Consultant and Office Mgr.

Lisa Thomas is a Tax Consultant at Bronze Star Tax Service since January 2006.  Lisa earned her BA from Devry University in Business Administration, and she is currently the Office Manager.  Lisa monitors all the day-to-day administrative functions in our office.  Besides her duties as an office manager, her other role is as a Tax Consultant.  Her tax experience earned her the title of "Top Tax Preparer" in April 2003 for TY2002 while at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service.  Lisa must maintain a min of 16 CPE credits each year for her tax knowledge to be in compliance with the IRS regulations as a Return Tax Preparer.  Beginning January 2013, all federal Tax Preparers are required to earn at least 16 CPE credits yearly to be in compliance with the current year's tax laws.  As if that isn't enough work for her, Lisa also maintains their website maintenance as well as being involved with the DFW communities through the local Chambers of Commerce.  

Lisa is also a Texas Notary since January 2006.  She is also an associate member of the DFW Area Chapter of TxSEA where she has been a member since 2005.  Lisa, along with her husband Neil, are owners of Bronze Star Tax Service since it opened in January 2006.  For the tax seasons 2006-2007 and 2009-2010, Lisa facilitated all office operations and tax consultations while her husband was deployed overseas for military tours for the US Army Reserves. 

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